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Common HVAC Myths

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Common HVAC Myths
Common HVAC Myths Debunked Here are some common HVAC myths that simply aren’t true! Myth: The Bigger The System, The Better It Is This one…
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COVID-19 Information
As an essential business per Governor DeWine’s order, we remain open and ready to serve you with your heating and cooling needs. When our technicians arrive at…
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What Does An AC Contactor Do?
What Does My Air Conditioner’s Contactor Do? The capacitor and contactor work hand in hand to keep you air conditioner running all summer long. AC…
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Winterize Your Home
It’s Time To Winterize Your Home! With the cold weather finally starting to set in, now is the best time to winterize you home! It’s…
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What Does Forced Air HVAC Mean?
What Does It Mean To Have a Forced Air HVAC System? Forced Air HVAC System When shopping for a new air conditioner or furnace, you…
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Variable Speed Blower Motors
What Is a Variable Speed Blower Motor? These types of blower motors are designed for efficiency and savings. How Do They Work? If you are…
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Different Types Of Thermostats
What Kind Of Thermostat Should I Get? With so many different options available, it may be confusing as to which one is right for you!…
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Second Floor Is Too Hot
My Second Floor Is Too Hot! Is your second floor hotter than the others? Learn why and what you can do about it below! What…
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Room Color and Energy Efficiency
Can Room Color Affect Energy Efficiency? Looking to keep your house cooler in the summer while using less energy? Choose the right colors! Believe it…
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Pilot Light On Furnace Keeps Going Out
Why Does The Pilot Light On My Furnace Keep Going Out? A pilot light going out can be an annoying issue to deal with in…
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