Utility Rebates

  • $300 Columbia Gas rebate for installing a 96% high-efficiency furnace.
  • There are currently no rebates available from AEP.

Tax Credits

Are you considering replacing your air conditioner, furnace, or heat pump for a new high efficient model? Did you know that there are tax credits available for upgrading your HVAC equipment?

  • 16 SEER or higher Efficient A/C & Heat Pumps – $300 tax credit
  • 95% Efficient or higher Gas Furnaces – $150 tax credit
  • $50 Circulatory fan. All 96% furnaces have these and qualify.  Most 2-stage 80% furnaces that we install have these as well.  
  • Credit is limited to $500 for life.

Upgrade your heating and cooling system today and take advantage of these tax credits today!

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