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Heating and Cooling Tip: Set Your Thermostat

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Heating and Cooling Tip: Set Your Thermostat
Heating and cooling can account for most of your energy bill and turn into one of your costliest utility expenses. By learning to adjust your…
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The Effects of Indoor Air Quality
Indoor air quality is an important part of maintaining good health. When you’re hiring HVAC contractors to work on your indoor heating and cooling system, you want…
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How Does My Gas Furnace Work?
By having Sears Heating & Cooling perform annual maintenance on your gas furnace, you’re already on your way to having the most comfortable home possible for the…
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Allergy Season and Air Purifiers
Allergy season is right around the corner. Open windows means allergens come in and those allergens will get trapped inside making allergy suffers miserable. Dust…
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Furnace Tune-Up
Summer and 73 degrees.  Wonderful for your home, a sad day for those of us in the AC business. But we’re in  Columbus,Ohio…so any day,…
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Firefighters for Kids Toy Drive
The 35th annual NBC4 Firefighters for Kids Toy Drive, a partnership of the Columbus Division of Fire and NBC4 was another huge success on December…
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Heat the Town, Columbus!
Every year, the ACCA (Air Conditioning Contractors of America) chapters and members around the country fan out to service or replace furnaces in the homes of the…
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