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Air Conditioner Not Turning On

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My Air Conditioner Is Not Turning On? What Can I Do?

The weather is finally hot, you go to turn on your air conditioner, and a whole lot of nothing happens. What is going on? What can I check for? Here are a few things to look at before calling for service!

The weather outside finally breaks 80 degrees and you look forward to finally kicking that old air conditioner on for the first time of the year.

It apparently has other ideas as a whole lot of nothing happens when you go to turn it on. Be sure to check these items before calling for service to possibly save yourself some time and money.

Check Your Filter & Outdoor Coil

Make sure to check you furnace filter to verify that it is clean enough for air to pass through it. Did you know that the number one cause of HVAC breakdowns is dirt and other buildup? Yep.

Also, go outside and check your outdoor condensor unit for any build up of grass and other dirt on the coils of the unit. These fins and coils on your condensor need to be able to breathe in order for your AC to run properly.

Is Your Thermostat Set To “Cool”?

If your air conditioner isn’t turning on, this is the most obvious place to start! Most programmable thermostats have 3 settings: Heat, Auto, and Cool. Make sure your thermostat is set to cooling mode to ensure your air conditioner turns on.

You can also set it to the “auto” setting if you would like your thermostat to keep your home at a set temperature range.

By setting your thermostat to auto and setting it at a certain temperature, your thermostat will turn either your air conditioner or furnace on as needed to keep your home at that temperature.

Also, for good measure, if you haven’t changed the batteries in your thermostat recently, go ahead and change them.

Wait a few minutes and then try turning on your AC again. Not all thermostats have batteries however, so you will need to verify whether or not yours has any before you go yanking it off of the wall.

If you air conditioner starts to run but is blowing warm air, there may be another issue going on.

Check Those Breakers!

If your thermostat is set to cool and your air conditioner still won’t turn on, the next thing to check would be your circuit breakers.

If you’ve recently experienced a power surge our outage of some kind, it is possible that you may have a tripped breaker that powers your air conditioner.

This breaker can be located in the same box as the other power breakers to your home. Also, go outside and check to ensure the quick disconnect breaker is pushed in all the way.

You can find this in a small gray colored box that hangs on your house next to your air conditioner.

If you find that your breaker keeps tripping after turning your air conditioner on, it’s time to call a professional for ac repair as your air conditioner may be utilizing too much electricity for some reason.

Check The Power Switch On The Furnace

But what does a furnace have to do with my air conditioner? Well, the blower and motor that blows the cold air throughout your home is actually located inside your furnace.

Therefore, if your furnace has no power, your air conditioner is essentially useless!

This little power switch can be located on or near your furnace (sometimes it even looks like a light switch!). Be sure this switch is in the “on” position.

Check Your Condensate Line & Drain Pan

Did you know that your air conditioner also works as a giant dehumidifier? Hot air holds moisture, and part of your air conditioner’s job is to remove this in the cooling process.

The warm air is blown over your evaporator coil, which extracts the water and drains into a drain pan, and finally out of your home via a condensate drain line.

If one of these becomes clogged, your air conditioner can begin to leak water and your unit will ultimately turn itself off as a precaution.

Does Your AC Have Ice Build Up On It?

If you notice that your air conditioner has ice or frost built up on it, you most likely have an air flow restriction or a refrigerant issue.

If you notice any ice or frost on your air conditioner, turn it off immediately and call a professional for help. You risk damaging your unit if you continue to run it in this state.

Air Conditioner Still Not Turning On?

Sometimes those pesky air conditioners need some professional guidance to get them back up and running. That’s ok! We have the best employees and service techs in the entire city of Columbus, Ohio. Give us a call today at 614-475-1800 and we will get you back up and running in no time.

Why won't my air conditioner turn on?

A few reasons your air conditioner may not be turning on are:

  • Your thermostat is not set correctly.
  • Your air filters are dirty or clogged.
  • The circuit to your AC has tripped.
  • Your evaporator coils are frozen or dirty.

If it is one of the first three issues, then you may be able to solve the problem yourself. However, if your evaporator coil or another part of your AC system is broken, then you should have an HVAC technician repair your air conditioner. To get your air conditioner fixedcontact us today.

How do I reset my air conditioning unit?

To reset your air conditioning unit, you should:

  • Locate the reset button on your unit.
  • Unplug your unit for 15 seconds or more and then plug it back in.
  • Press the reset button for 3 seconds.
  • If it still does not turn on, repeat this process.

If it is still not turning on, locate the electrical panel and flip the switch that powers your AC unit. Some systems do not have a reset button and will require you to manually reset them. To get help resetting your air conditioning unitgive us a call today.

How do you fix an air conditioner that won't turn on?

To fix an air conditioner that won’t turn on you should try:

  • Setting your thermostat to COOL and AUTO.
  • Replacing or cleaning your air filters.
  • Resetting your AC unit’s power from the electrical panel if it has tripped.
  • Pressing the reset button.

If none of these solutions work, you can try to identify the issue by looking at your system’s components and switches to see if you notice any inconsistencies or problems. If you are still unable to determine the issue, you should get an HVAC technician to repair it for you. To get your air conditioner repairedcall Sears Heating & Cooling today.

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