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Air Conditioner Not Blowing Cold Air?

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Why Is My Air Conditioner Not Blowing Cold Air?

The weather is finally warm and you go to turn your air conditioner on and nothing but warm air comes out. There are several things that may cause your air conditioner to not blow cold air.

The best course of action if your air conditioner is not blowing cold air is to call a professional HVAC professional to come diagnose the problem. Attempting to fix something yourself can lead to an additional air conditioning repair being needed.

However, here are a few items that could be causing the issue.


Dirty Filters

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The first thing to check would be your air filters. One of the most common causes for air conditioners not blowing cold air is a dirty air filter.

If your air filter is dirty or clogged, cool air flow is restricted and your air conditioner will not be able to properly cool your home.

Letting your air conditioner continue to run under this circumstance can cause ice buildup to occur on both the outdoor coil as well as the evaporator coil. Continuing to run your ac system with ice build up can cause damage to the unit.

Sometimes, something as simple as changing the filter will fix this issue.


Broken Parts

broken ac part imageSometimes, this issue may be due to a broken part or parts on your condenser unit. One of the more costly fixes could be a failed compressor or indoor coil. If your outside condenser is not running at all, it may be a bad capacitor or contactor inhibiting the electrical system from operating correctly.

If the compressor has failed, the refrigerant inside of the lines will not be able to move properly through the system. A bad indoor coil could lead to a refrigerant leak.

A bad compressor or indoor coil is not an overly common issue unless your unit is very old. You would need to contact a professional HVAC company to diagnose these problems correctly.

Electrical Malfunction

ac electrical malfunction imageElectrical problems can also cause your air conditioner to not blow cold air. Failed sensors, faulty thermostats and even broken wires can be to blame. Be sure to check that the circuit breaker to your ac system is not tripped.

Also make sure that your thermostat is set correctly to cooling mode.

Diagnosing and/or fixing any other electrical issues should always be completed by a licensed professional for both safety and warranty issues.

Low Refrigerant Levels

refrigerant leak gauge image

If you are low on refrigerant, your air conditioner will not be able to properly cool your home.

It is important to note however that an air conditioning system is a “closed loop” system, meaning that your refrigerant should never leak out.

If you are low on refrigerant, that means that you have a leak somewhere in the system.

Unless this leak is fixed, refrigerant will continue to leak out, essentially wasting your money.

With R-22 being phased out, the cost of R-22 related repairs has begun to skyrocket. Don’t be surprised to pay $400 or more for a simple R-22 refrigerant repair due to the lower quantities now available.

Need Some Help?

Is your air conditioner not blowing cold air? Give us a call today at 614-475-1800 for 100% relief. We strive every single day to provide the highest quality HVAC services in Columbus, Ohio.

Why is my air conditioner running but not cooling the house?

Your air conditioner may be running but not cooling your house because:

  • Your air filters are dirty.
  • Your condenser coil is clogged.
  • Your evaporator coil is dirty or frozen.
  • Your AC unit has a refrigerant leak.

If your air filters are dirty, then replacing them is an easy fix to get your air conditioner cooling your home again. If you are experiencing any of the other issues, then you will need an HVAC technician to repair your air conditioner. Call us today to get your air conditioner repaired.

What to do if your AC is not blowing cold air?

If your AC is not blowing cold air, you should:

  • Set your thermostat to COOL and AUTO.
  • Replace your air filters.
  • Clean your AC unit’s drain lines.

Another thing you can do if your AC is not blowing cold air is to clean your compressor. You should always ensure that the unit is off before you attempt to clean it. Additionally, it is recommended that you have an HVAC technician clean it to make sure that it is cleaned effectively. To get your air conditioner repairedgive us a call today.

How do you troubleshoot an AC unit?

To troubleshoot an AC unit you should shut off the power to your AC unit and then check:

  • Your AC unit for dirt and debris.
  • The fuses in your AC unit.
  • Your AC unit for frayed or broken wires.
  • The start capacitor and the AC contactor.

You may find that your system is not working because it is blocked by dirt or debris. However, sometimes your AC unit may need a repair that requires extensive HVAC knowledge that not all homeowners have. If you are not familiar with HVAC systems or you lack the tools to repair your air conditioner yourself, you should have an HVAC technician repair your AC unit. Call us today to get your AC unit repaired.

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