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How Cold Should My AC Be?

How Cold Should The Air From My Air Conditioner Be?

The air from your vents feels warmer than usual. How cold should the air be anyways?

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When the weather gets really hot outside, you count on your air conditioner to provide a constant stream of cool air to keep you and your family comfortable.

But, how cold should the air from your air conditioner actually be? 

Temperature Drop

The difference between the temperature of the air flowing into your vents via the return vents and the temperature of the cool air coming out is known in the HVAC world as “temperature drop”.

In most cases, a temperature drop of 15-20 degrees is all that most air conditioners are capable of handling today. Run your ac any cooling and you risk needing an ac repair.

Therefore, if the temperature outside is 85 degrees, most air conditioners should be able to cool your home to 65-70 degrees inside under normal conditions.

Granted, cooling it to these temps means it will be working hard and running for most of the day.

If you are looking to cut back on your energy bills, try leaving the temp a bit higher instead.

Adjusting your temperature just 1 degree can save you up to 10% on utility costs over the course of a year. 

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