Thermostat Options

Gone are the days of dial thermostats. Most thermostats today are automated so you don’t even have to mess with them!

New Technology

In the old days, if you were too hot or too cold, you had to get up and go turn the thermostat up or down yourself. With today’s technology, this is becoming more and more obsolete.

Per current installation codes, you are now required to have a programmable thermostat installed when you have a new air conditioner or furnace put in. According to the Energy Star Program, you can actually save yourself about $180 a year if you properly set your thermostat and maintain those settings!

Bryant Evolution Thermostat

Automated Comfort

A programmable thermostat is essentially able to monitor the temperature in your house and adjust it accordingly so you are always comfortable no matter what the temperature is outside.

This is good news as approximately 65% of your homes energy use comes from your HVAC system. Also, with today’s technology you are able to monitor and change your home temperature even when you are away via wi-fi capable thermostats, such as the Bryant Evolution.