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Second Floor Is Too Hot

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My Second Floor Is Too Hot!

Is your second floor hotter than the others? Learn why and what you can do about it below!

What Causes The Second Floor To Be So Hot?

For many home owners, the second floor is too hot in warm weather. During the hot summers, you may notice that your second floor can become several degrees warmer than the first.

You’ve tried cranking up the AC but that only makes the first floor too cold and the second floor remains the same. What is going on?

  • Hot Air Rises

Thermodynamics states that hot air naturally rises, so essentially it would make sense that your second floor is warmer than the first.

When you air conditioner is running, it has to work harder to get air to the second floor as cool air does not naturally flow in an upward direction.

There are a couple different factors that determine how hard you air conditioner must work to cool your upper floors:

  • How old your air conditioner is
  • The total number of rooms in the home
  • Your roof (yes, your roof)
  • Duct work and insulation

If you air conditioner is close to the end of it’s lifespan, it will have to naturally work harder than newer AC’s to cool the upper floors.

Also, if you have many different rooms in your home, the air must be dispersed over a larger area, taking it longer too cool. Surprisingly, your roof can be a culprit in keeping your second floor so hot.

If you roof does not have some kind of sun deflecting coating, the suns heat will be absorbed into the roof and into your attic, heating the upper floors.

Finally, if your duct work is not properly sealed or routed, it can make it extremely hard for your air conditioner to get air up to the second floor. Gaps and leaks in duct work can leak air into places you may not want to be cooled.

How Can I Fix This?

  • One option would be to redirect the air flow to the second floor by closing some dampers in your basement. These are usually located on the duct work leading to the first floor. If you close them halfway or so, this will essentially push more air up to the second floor areas. Keep in mind, this will possibly make your first floor a tad bit warmer however.
  • A simple check to look for would be your furnace filter. If your filter is dirty, it will restrict air flow from reaching any part of your home and ultimately make your HVAC system work harder than it needs to.
  • Insulation in your home is something that should be checked as well. Make sure your attic and second floor are properly insulated to prevent the cool air from escaping your home. Another area to check insulation on would be your windows. Make sure to seal any gaps or holes in the edges to prevent air seepage.
  • You can also change the fan setting on your thermostat from “Auto” to “On”. This will make your HVAC system’s fan run all of the time, not just when your AC or furnace is running. By doing this, you can keep a constant flow of air throughout your home. This can also help in cleaning the air is it is always being recirculated through your furnace filter.
  • Last but not least, you may consider adding a ductless hvac unit to this area of your home. Ductless hvac units are a great way to control a specific area of your home apart from the rest.
Why is the second floor of my house cold in the winter and hot in the summer?
The second floor of your house may be cold in the winter and hot in the summer because:
  • There is a leak in your air ducts.
  • Your attic needs to be insulated.
  • You need a zoned system.
Getting your HVAC system replaced with a ductless mini-split system is a great way to gain more control over the temperature of individual rooms. To find out more about getting a zoned system installedcall us today.
Why is my room so hot compared to the rest of the house?
Your room may be hotter compared to the rest of your house because:
  • Your air vents are closed.
  • Your air ducts have leaks.
  • Your air filter is clogged.
A good way to get control of the temperature of each of your home’s rooms is to get a zoned ductless mini-split system. To get a ductless mini-split installedcontact us today.
How do I even out the temperature in my house?
To even out the temperature in your house, you should:
  • Get your air ducts repaired and insulated.
  • Have a ductless mini-split installed.
  • Get your home’s attic insulated.
Having a zoned ductless system installed in your home is a great way to even out the temperature amongst your home’s rooms. To get a ductless system installedgive us a call today.

Still Need Some Help?

Have you tried the previous fixes and still, your second floor is too hot? No worries! Just give us a call at 614-475-1800 or contact us online and we will be out as soon as the same day!

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