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Pilot Light On Furnace Keeps Going Out

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Why Does The Pilot Light On My Furnace Keep Going Out?

A pilot light going out can be an annoying issue to deal with in the cold weather.

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If you have a furnace that was made in the early 1990’s or earlier, chances are you have had to deal with the pilot light going out on your furnace at least once.

Why does this happen though?

Is there anything that can be done to prevent a furnace repair? Let’s find out!

Faulty Gas Valve

A standing pilot light is really nothing more than a slow and steady flow of gas that helps ignite your furnace when it’s time to come on.

One of the first culprits that come to mind would be a fault with your furnace’s gas valve, possibly with it’s power unit.

If the gas valve on your furnace is starting to go bad, it might not be providing enough gas to the ignition system to keep your pilot light flame going.

Without the proper HVAC tools, a bad gas valve is nearly impossible to diagnose.

Improper Flow Of Gas

This problem can also be caused by a faulty gas valve.

If your furnace’s gas pressure is not set properly, the pilot light may not be receiving the correct amount of gas needed to stay light.

You are able to adjust the gas pressure via the furnace’s gas valve. A proper gas pressure is usually around 3.5″ WC.

Any deviation from this may cause your furnace’s burners to not work properly.

Bad Thermocouple

A thermocouple job is to verify that the pilot light is actually burning as opposed to just releasing gas for no reason.

You’ll need to verify that the pilot flame is making contact with the thermocouple.

The best way to tell it is positioned properly is to see the end of the thermocouple glowing hot.

Thermocouples are usually an easy fix that can be done yourself if you are mechanically inclined. 

Dirty Pilot

If the pilot itself has become dirty, this can prevent the flame from staying lit.

You can clean your pilot light with a wire brush or some other type of abrasive material. 

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