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How Does A Humidifier Work?

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How Does A Humidifier Keep My Home Comfortable?

Humidifiers are very popular in the winter months when the air becomes dry both outside and inside your home!

During the winter, the air in your home can be quite dry and cause damage to both your possessions and your body.

A humidifier works with your furnace to keep the water level in the air of your home consistent all winter long.

How a Humidifier Works

The operation of a humidifier is actually quite simple.

The unit itself is attached the the duct work just above your furnace.

Inside of the humidifier is a water panel that is moistened with water via a water line.

The dry air from the furnace flows over this water panel, collects water, and then is distributed throughout your home.

How Do I Control It?

You are able to set the desired humidity level in your home via a humidistat.

Some of today’s higher end thermostats have this included in them so that you don’t need two boxes hanging on your wall.

In general, an overall humidity level of 35-40% is what you should be aiming for.

Anything more than this and you risk condensation forming in your home.

Did you know that it’s possible for it to rain inside a home if the humidity level is too high? Yep.

Why Humidifiers Are Neccessary

Dry air is not good for your body or your furniture.

If you frequently suffer from static shocks in your home, dry lips, dry skin, or a sore throat, the humidity level of your home is likely to blame.

Also, a low humidity level in your home can also make it seem colder than it actually is.

Think about the summer and how it feels hotter when the humidity level is high.

By having a humidifier in your home, you can actually save money.

It costs much less to humidify your home than it does to heat it.

If your electric bills are rather high in the winter, consider having a humidifier installed to help combat heating costs and help prevent any unnecessary furnace repairs.

Is a whole house humidifier a good idea for my Columbus area home?
whole house humidifier can be good for your Columbus, OH home. It is a good way to control the humidity level of your house to protect against allergies and health issues related to dry air. It is a common misconception that humidity is a bad thing. High humidity levels can be bad, but so can low humidity levels. Having your house set to 35-50% humidity is the best setting to optimize the health of your indoor air. To find out more about getting a whole house humidifier installedcontact us today.
Do humidifiers kill airborne viruses near Columbus?
Humidifiers can help kill airborne viruses that thrive in dry climates. It has been proven that homes with higher humidity levels have less traces of airborne viruses as well as a reduced amount of viruses on hard surfaces like doorknobs and desks. Humidity levels of 40-50% make it harder for viruses to survive and are also beneficial to your health. To learn more about getting a whole house humidifier for your home, give Sears Heating & Cooling a call today.
What are the benefits of a home humidifier near Columbus?
Some of the benefits of a home humidifier in Columbus, OH are:
  • It allows you to control the humidity level of your home.
  • It helps preserve your wooden floors and furniture.
  • It helps save you money on your heating bill in the winter.
Additionally, it helps promote better indoor air quality in your home by maintaining healthy levels of humidity that protect against viruses, allergens and dry air. When your home has too low of humidity levels, you can experience uncomfortable health issues like dry eyes, allergies and nosebleeds. Call us today to learn more about getting a whole home humidifier in your home.
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