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Do Ductless Systems Heat and Cool?

Do Ductless Systems Heat & Cool?

Ductless systems are becoming ever more popular due to their efficiency and application.

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Ductless heating and cooling systems are becoming more and more popular in America today due to their application and overall efficiency.

A great benefit of ductless systems is that they have the capability of both heating and cooling your home.

Ductless mini-splits work just like a normal central air conditioner but without any of the hassle of duct work.

They are usually meant to heat and cool a single area of your home.

How Do Ductless Systems Cool Your Home?

A ductless mini-split heating and cooling system cools your home in the same way a normal air conditioner cools.

The indoor unit blows the warmer air in your home over the cold evaporator coils.

Then, the refrigerant that is running through these coils absorbs the heat in that air and brings it to the outside condenser where it is dispersed into the outside air. Pretty neat! Because heat is absorbed and released at these coils, it is vital to keep your mini split ductless system clean.

The unit that is inside your home is what actually blows the cool air.

There are several different styles of units you can get from wall mounted to even ceiling mounted.

Some mini-splits can even be hidden in the room with some creative effort!

How Do Ductless Systems Heat Your Home?

Just like the above cooling example, a ductless system will heat your home in the same order, but in reverse! Wait, what?

Yep! While standard furnaces actually generate their own heat, ductless systems simply transfer heat from one location to another.

The outside condenser uses the existing heat energy that can be found in the outside air using refrigerant.

The refrigerant then absorbs and releases heat energy through a process that pressurizes the gas to heat it up.

Two great ductless options include the Bryant Ductless and the Mitsubishi Ductless.

Interested in a Ductless Heating and Cooling System?

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