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Air Conditioner Making Loud Noise

Air Conditioner Making Loud Noise

Air Conditioner Making A Loud Noise When Running. What’s Up?

Is your air conditioner making some strange loud noises while running? Let’s check out some possible causes of this non-sense!

In general, your air conditioner should not be overly noisy while running. Sure, you will be able to hear the slight hum of the compressor and the condensor fan running, but it shouldn’t be anything overly noticeable.

If you are noticing louder than usual noises from your air conditioner, chances are it is having some issues. Here are a few areas that could be causing your noise problems.

Loose or Broken Parts

If you are noticing a loud banging noise coming from your air conditioner while it is running, there is a good chance that you may have a loose or broken part inside the condensor or compressor.

Air conditioner compressors contain a crankshaft, connecting rod and a piston pin that could all cause noise issues if they begin to fail.

A failed compressor is one of the most expensive AC repairs out there, so if you have an old air conditioner, you are better off just replacing it. Compressor replacements can easily climb to $1,500 or more.

Blower Motor or Fan Out of Balance

Your air conditioner’s blower motor and fan are actually located in your furnace as they share the same air movement mechanisms.

If your blower motor or fan blades come out of balance or shift somehow, you may notice a consistent clanking noise as the fan spins.

Blower motors and fans can sometimes be replaced on your own, but it is never recommended if your warranty is still active as this will void the warranty if the repair is not done by a licensed HVAC company.

Worn or Damaged Contactor

Your air conditioner’s condensor contains a multitude of electrical components. One of the most important is the contactor.

This little piece of equipment is responsible for distributing the correct electrical voltage to different parts of your air conditioner.

Over time, it is natural for this part to become worn down and you may notice a chattering type of sound coming from your air conditioner. If this part completely fails, your air conditioner will fail to turn on at all.

As before, if your air conditioner is still under warranty, you will want to have this issue fixed by a licensed HVAC company to ensure your warranty remains active.

Dirt and Debris

Another common cause of noises is dirt or debris in the unit. Believe it or not, we have actually found a grocery bag sucked into a customer’s blower motor in their furnace!

Be sure to keep your air conditioner unit clean and free from dirt and other debris (including plants).

Those coils need plenty of room to breathe and disperse the hot air. If you are a part of our maintenance plan, we will take care of this for you automatically each year.

Need Some Peace & Quiet?

Have you exhausted this list and still have an air conditioner that is making loud noises? No problem. Give us a call today at 614-475-1800 and we will be over as soon as the same day to get you the peace and quite you deserve!

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