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It’s Time for Furnace Maintenance

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With winter setting in soon, this is the time to make sure your family will be able to stay warm and comfortable in the months ahead. Now is the time to schedule your furnace maintenance.  You may know it as our Safety and Performance Tune-Up.

Your furnace has had a good long rest over the warmer months, but that also means it’s had a chance to collect dust, rust and gunk. None of that will help on a cold winter’s night.

The number one reason for your system failing isn’t age, brand, lightning or that you play with your thermostat too much – it’s dirt.   That’s right, a furnace that isn’t regularly cleaned and tuned will most likely be the reason the heat doesn’t come on one night.

If you are wondering why a Safety and Performance Tune-Up is important for your furnace think of it like an oil change for your car.  You would not drive your car without regularly changing the oil and you should not run your furnace year after year without regular maintenance.  There are a lot of other reasons seasonal maintenance is a good idea – like saving energy dollars, increasing the life of your system and protecting yourself and your family from dangerous problems like carbon monoxide poisoning.  Call us today and schedule your furnace maintenance.

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