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Three Perks of Buying a New Furnace for Your Home

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If your furnace is on its last legs, it might be wise to invest in a replacement rather than perform repeated repairs until the very end.

Due to the advancements made in the heating industry in the last few years, a new furnace will net you unimaginable benefits.

You might first notice the low level of noise coursing through your house when the furnace kicks on.

From there, you’ll definitely revel in the improved temperature range that keeps your house as comfortable as can be.

Lastly, you’ll realize the vast savings in your power bills from running an energy-efficient model. Read on for more information.

Less Noise

Old furnaces produce knocking, banging and clanging noises as the heating element and blower motor activate.

By replacing your furnace with a new unit, you eliminate these distressing noises altogether. In fact, you might feel shocked enough by the silence to investigate the vent to check if heat is actually coming out.

Comfortable Temperature Range

Since old furnaces are incredibly inefficient, the heating element and blower motor may kick on and off several times an hour.

As a result, you might find your home going from warm to cold far too often for your comfort.

By using a new furnace, you’re able to keep the temperature at a steady number, instead.

Lower Energy Bills

Depending on your old furnace’s age, your heating bills could improve by more than 50 percent.

New furnaces meet energy efficiency standards created by government entities to reduce stress on the planet.

You’ll notice an immediate reduction in your power and gas bills even while running a new furnace full-time in the dead of winter.

Finding The Right Model

Work with your heating professional to find a furnace that works for your home size and layout.

If you buy your furnace through Sears Heating and Cooling in the month of October, you’ll receive $600 off your purchase.

You’ll need to make sure your furnace purchase meets eligibility requirements before receiving the offer.

After buying the desired model, have your furnace professionals perform the install and test the system for best results.

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