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Sears Heating and Cooling: Ohio’s Premium HVAC Service Provider

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Having your heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system serviced on a regular basis ensures that it runs smoothly and efficiently.

That is why we at Sears Heating and Cooling strive to meet the needs of our customers by providing the best heating and cooling systems and base products in Ohio.

Proper heating and cooling not only provides you with comfort during the summer and winter months, but it also prolongs the life of your home.

It is quite possible for the appliances and furniture in your home to experience wear and tear from temperature extremes.

A top-grade HVAC system will keep your home at an even temperature all year round.

This option is superior to using outdated methods of heating and cooling, such as electric heaters or fans, which circulate air but don’t preserve your furnishings.

Quality HVAC systems also reduce the amount you spend on utility bills.

By allowing us to install a system, you will save more in energy costs than you would with other systems, mainly because you’ll be using a continuous singular source.

Our home evaluation process for new installations is free. Providing us with pertinent information about your home life will expedite the consultation.

These are the questions to consider:

If you have had your system for more than seven years, chances are it needs maintenance more often than when it was new.

Now may be a good time to let us give you an upgraded HVAC system.

Improper heating and cooling devices keep moisture indoors; this is what causes lingering odors.

Moisture eventually leads to mold, which causes allergic reactions; animal fur does the same.

We can install a premium system that keeps your home temperature regulated, with little to no moisture buildup.

The new system will provide proper circulation and ventilation, keeping the air free from pollutants.

Sears Heating and Cooling is building and safety code guaranteed and has been for more than 60 years.

If you’re considering purchasing a new system or your present one needs maintenance, feel free to contact us during our hours of operation.

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