Mitsubishi Ductless System

The Future of Home Comfort

The Mitsubishi Ductless System offers a welcome alternative to the traditional systems we all grew up with. Because it focuses on individual rooms and living spaces rather than on a central air system, it’s more energy-efficient, more flexible, and easier to install — as proven by decades of successful use in Europe, Asia, and across the globe. It is not surprising that ductless is the fastest growing segment of the American air conditioning and heating market.

Why Mitsubishi Electric?

Mitsubishi Electric is a world leader in ductless cooling and heating technology for both residential and commercial installations — and we’re # 1 in Ductless in the United States. So, with Mitsubishi Electric, you can be sure that you’re getting the latest, most efficient technology, including the most advanced, inverter-driven heat pump systems in the world. Properly taken care of, your Mitsubishi ductless system will last for years to come. 

Put Your Comfort on Cruise Control

Thanks to our advanced INVERTER-driven compressor technology, you can achieve consistent temperatures throughout your space while saving energy during both the summer and winter months. The compressor speed is controlled to maximize efficiency, changing speeds according to the cooling or heating needs of your room(s). Like a car’s cruise control, the system varies the compressor speed, which reduces power consumption for energy savings. This is different from conventional systems, which start and stop repetitively, wasting energy.

Detect and Control Temperature Fluctuations

Select M-Series indoor units feature our i-see Sensor which automatically detects the temperature of troublesome regions closer to the ceiling and the floor. It scans the room and makes adjustments based on the ambient temperature readings. This process ensures that you always enjoy ultimate comfort.

Heat and Lots of It

The advances in the heating performance of our units are unmatched in the industry. Our available H2i technology can heat your space effectively even when temperatures outside are down to -13º F. Our Hot Start technology provides hot air from the start with no drafts.

Multiple Filters for Cleaner, Healthier Air

All indoor models use a sophisticated multi-part filtration system to reduce contaminants such as allergens, viruses and bacteria from the air. This combination of filters provides a healthier breathing environment for the home. Regular ductless system maintenance is still recommended to maintain the best air quality.

Quiet as a Whisper

Both the outdoor and indoor units of the Mitsubishi Mini Split System operate quietly. The indoor units can operate as low as 19dB – that’s quieter than a human whisper.

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Mitsubishi mini split
Mitsubishi Mini Split

High Energy Costs

Why pay to cool/heat your home all year long when you only live in a few rooms at a time? With the Mitsubishi Mini Split System, you can actively condition the rooms you live in while dialing back energy costs in the rooms you don’t use. Plus, Mitsubishi Electric’s inverter-driven compressors automatically adjust to changing conditions to deliver ideal comfort while only using the energy that is needed.

  • Inverter heating performance is far more efficient than traditional heat pumps.
  • Cooling is up to 40% more efficient than standard systems.
  • Single and multi-zone systems available to fit any room or your entire home.
  • Options include more than 25 ENERGY STAR qualified models and 9 ENERGY STAR Most Efficient models.

 Hot or Cold Problem Rooms

An American Home Comfort Study (AHCS) reports that 67 percent of homes in the U.S. have a room that’s too hot in the summer or too cold in the winter. It’s a common problem with ducted forced air systems — one that can be solved quite simply with a Mitsubishi Electric system.

  • Wireless control unit senses the temperature throughout the room and makes automatic adjustments.
  • Installation is as simple as mounting units, connecting the refrigerant lines and making a few electrical connections.
  • No ductwork required, so installation is fast and doesn’t require any messy renovation.
  • Options for single rooms, multiple rooms or your entire home.

Here are several pros and cons of ductless systems that should be evaluated prior to purchase.