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LifeHacks: How to Save on Your Energy Bill

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Saving energy is fun. There is no need to waste money paying energy bills. Here are some simple tips that result in big savings, when put into place by consumers who are wise enough to reduce wasteful energy uses.

Phantom Power

Phantom power is electrical energy used to keep appliances and electronic equipment in a ready state to turn on instantly. It is not hard to tell if a device uses phantom power because it usually has a green light showing. The solution is to plug all these devices into a power strip and turn off the power strip, completely cutting off all electricity, when the devices are not in use.

Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs

Changing a 100-watt incandescent light bulb with a compact fluorescent bulb, which puts out the equivalent amount of light, reduces energy usage by up to 80 percent! Eighty percent off is a great deal in anybody’s world.

One note of caution for those environmentally aware. Dispose of used bulbs properly, because compact fluorescent bulbs contain mercury, which should not end up in landfills. There are lots of recycling centers for compact fluorescent bulbs, where it is possible to recycle them for free. For a location list, see Recycle a Bulb.

Timing and Location

Central heating and air-conditioning are great as long as you want to use all the rooms in the house all the time. Otherwise, they are gigantic wasters of electrical energy. This is true especially at night, when all the home occupants are safely tucked away in their bedrooms, sleeping in beds with enough blankets to keep them warm. To save money on heating bills use high-efficiency space heaters instead, in rooms when the people are actually using them. Put the master thermostat on a timer, to turn off the central HVAC system at night, when they are not needed during periods of sleep.

These are just a few of the easy ways to save energy. To make improvements in your home systems, consult with Sears Heating & Cooling in Columbus, Ohio, for more energy-saving advice.

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