Honeywell Leak Detector

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could be alerted that there was a possible water leak in your basement due to your hot water tank or air conditioner? It’s a reality with the Honeywell Leak Detector!

Water Leak and Freeze Detector

Just as the Lyric Thermostat keeps you connected to your heating and cooling system to maximize energy savings and comfort control, the Honeywell Leak Detector keeps you connected to help protect against major water damage. It can alert you to water leaks before they turn into costly problems.

Detection & Protection

The average water leak causes $7,000 in damage. Alerts from the Lyric app can help reduce the risk. The unit can also detect temperatures that could freeze pipes and humidity that could damage valuables.

Easy Setup

There’s no extra hub or base station required. Simply install in the best location and complete the setup using the Lyric app!

Battery Operated

There’s no wiring, so it’s easy to install the unit where needed. Battery life is up to 3 years without incident.

Backed By Honeywell

The Honeywell Leak Detector is part of Honeywell’s trusted Lyric connected platform.


The Honeywell Leak Detector includes 4-ft. of water sensing cable. Additional cables can be added for expanded coverage, up to 500ft.

honeywell leak detector
honeywell leak detector leak alert image-min


The Honeywell Leak Detector is an early warning system that notifies you on your smartphone with a water leak or freeze problem is detected. By being notified early, you may be able to avoid expensive repairs and loss of items. Leaks and frozen pipes can present serious damage to your home. The Honeywell Leak Detector can be placed near trouble spots such as hot water tanks, sump pumps, and washer units. Each device can be individually named and registered in the Lyric App and easily connected to your home Wi-Fi network.

Product Features

  • Powered by 3 AA bateries (not included). Battery life is up to 3 years without incident.
  • Dimensions – 3.07” square and 1.26” thick
  • Weight – 0.33lbs
  • Additional Cable Sensory Accessory – 4ft.
  • Buzzer Alam – 100dBA
  • Ingress Protection Rating – IP44
  • Temperature Sensing – 32F to 140F
  • Humidity Sensing – 0-100% RH (+/-3% RH)
  • Temperature & Humidity Sensing – Once per hour
  • Water Sensing – Once every 60 seconds
  • Temperature-Alert Detection – Preset at < 45F and > 100F or can be changed by user
  • Humidity-Alert Detection – Preset at < 20% RH or > 70% RH or can be changed by user
  • Temperature & Humidity Report – Daily