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How To Minimize Dust Indoors

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How To Minimize Dust In Your Home

Here are some popular ways you can minimize the dust in your home.

No one likes a dusty home. Dust is just one of many different airborne particulates.

You can help reduce dust by dusting on a regular basis, but it seems to accumulate again quickly no matter what you do.

Here are some simple steps you can take to minimize dust indoors.

Have Your Carpets Cleaned Regularly

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Did you know that your carpets are your homes biggest air filter? They attract dust by the pound each year. This includes area rugs as well.

Over time, dust particles, fibers from clothes and dead skin cells in the air fall to the ground and buries themselves in the carpet fibers of your home.

By vacuuming regularly and having your carpets cleaned professionally (hot water extraction) at least twice per year, you are well on your way to cutting down on the dust levels in your home.

Set Your Thermostat Fan To “On”

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By setting your thermostat fan to “on”, your furnace blower will run constantly and filter the air in your home.

You may think that this would be expensive to leave it running, but it’s actually not.

Blower motors are designed for long and extended periods of time.

If you are really looking to save money on energy bills, have a variable-speed motor installed. These motors run at different speeds as opposed to just an “on-off” setting.

Change Your Bedding

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Dust as well as dust mites love to hide in your bedding sheets and garment bags.

For dust (and sanitary) reasons, be sure to change or wash your bedding at least once per week.

You can also encase your mattress and box spring in an allergy proof cover.

Upgrade Your Furnace Filters

hepa filter image

Standard 1-inch filters are generally effective for removing dust from the air of your home, but there are much more efficient options out there.

By using high-efficiency particulate air hepa filters or having a stand alone air purifier or electronic air cleaner installed, you can cut down on up to 99% of airborne particles including dust.

These high-quality filters can generally be changed every 6 months as opposed to every 30 days with standard 1-inch filters. These types of filters are great for indoor allergy relief.

Be advised that installing a high-density filter can cut down on the amount of air that blows through your home, so you may need to upgrade your furnace or blower motor to have it still be able to heat and cool your home.

Also, on the more environmentally friendly side, did you know that house plants can also clean the air in your home?

Have Your Air Ducts Cleaned

dusty air duct image

Over time, your air ducts can become full of dirt and other airborne particulates. This is normal. If you are wondering if it’s time to clean your air ducts, here are a few things that may signal that it’s time.:

  • You can visually see and feel a decent amount of dust and dirt build up in your vents via floor registers.
  • You notice a bad odor coming from your vents when air is coming out.
  • You haven’t had your air ducts cleaned in the past 3-5 years.

One thing you can do yourself in this area is wipe down your air registers and cold air returns to remove any dust or other build up that has occurred.

Dust on a Regular Basis

feather duster image

Last but not least, be sure to dust your home on a regular basis.

This includes dusting the blades of ceiling fans as dirty fan blades will continue to spray dust all over the room.

Feather dusters or microfiber cloths can be used to wipe down surfaces.

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