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Common Air Conditioner Problems

8 Top Ac Problems

With the heat of Summer in full swing, service calls for a broken air conditioner are an everyday occurrence. Before calling for service, check out this list of common air conditioner problems to see if the issue might be a simple and easy fix. If not, no worries! We are just one call away to give you and your family 100% relief today! Contact us here!

1.) Air Conditioner Not Cold Enough

  1. Dirty Air Filters
  2. Low on refrigerant
  3. Faulty Thermostat
  4. Defective compressor

2.) AC Leaking Water

  1. Clogged drainage pipe
  2. Damaged pump

3.) Noisy Compressor

  1. Loose fan blade
  2. Loose compressor parts

4.) Frozen Condenser

  1. Dirty filters
  2. Clogs in the system
  3. Broken or damaged valves

5.) Unable to Turn AC On

  1. Damaged wiring
  2. Faulty motors
  3. Faulty compressors

6.) AC Tripping

  1. Low on refrigerant
  2. Loose wiring
  3. Shorted out motor

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