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When Should I Change My Furnace Filter?

By February 21, 2020May 9th, 2020

How Often Should I Change My Furnace Filter?

Both your furnace and air conditioner depend on a clean furnace filter to operate at maximum efficiency.

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Dirt and dust are the #1 cause of HVAC breakdowns. Who knew you could save your self so much money in the long-run by just changing an air filter!

Failure to change your furnace filter on a regular basis could lead to such HVAC problems as ice build up on your air conditioner.

Check Those Filters!

It is recommenced to always check your furnace filter at least once per month, regardless of the size of the filter.

Even if you have a large, media filter, debris can sometimes become caught inside of it and hinder air flow, making your furnace or air conditioner work harder than it needs to. We have even found pet toys inside filters before!

Standard One-Inch Filter

Furnace filters vary on when they should be changed. If you are utilizing a standard one-inch filter, these are recommended to be changed once per month.

One-inch filters may need to be changed more frequently if you have pets or your home is dustier than usual.

A dirty filter can also cause your furnace to short cycle during the heating season.

Media Filters

If you have a thick media-filter installed, these should generally be changed every 6 months. These filters don’t need to be changed as often due to the size of them and the dirt they can hold.

However, it is still recommended to check this type of filter on a monthly basis for debris and large build ups of dirt.

If you have pets ect, you could find yourself changing media filters more frequently than every 6 months.

Electronic Air Cleaners

Electronic air cleaners are beneficial in that you are able to clean them yourself as opposed to buying a new one.

All that needs to be done with these is to remove the filter once every 6-12 months, wash it, and then replace it.

Electronic air cleaners are capable of capturing up to 99% of airborne particles.

If you are a sufferer of allergies, or even just want to have cleaner overall air in your home, an electronic air cleaner would be a great addition to your HVAC system.

Ready To Send The Dust Bunny Packing?

Are you looking to cut down on the dust in your home? We would be happy to talk with you about the different air filtration options we can provide for you! Give us a call at 614-475-1800 today!

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