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Avoiding Mold in Your HVAC System

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Mold can be a tricky problem for homeowners. While some forms of mold are simply annoying, other forms of mold can actually pose a threat to your family’s long-term health.

Understanding mold is important in order to prevent it.

Not All Mold Is Created Equal

Common mold can grow in any dark, moist, undisturbed place.

This definitely includes your home’s HVAC system. HVAC systems generate a lot of moisture, and sometimes this moisture can get trapped in hard-to-reach places.

When this happens mold can begin to develop.

Most mold is not considered dangerous, but rather just annoying and can at times cause an allergic reaction in people most commonly seen as sneezing.

However, toxic black mold is very hazardous and can pose a serious threat to your family’s health. Mold growth on your air conditioner can also cause headaches.

If you suspect you have mold, you should have it checked out to verify what type of mold you have.


When mold develops in the HVAC system of your home, it comes with an added threat.

That threat is the fact that not only can your HVAC system grow mold, but it can also disperse it throughout your entire house.

When your system is on, the mold spores can move through the vent system and enter your home.

When this happens, your family can be put at severe risk, especially if there are very young children or elderly people in the home.

Young children and elderly people are the most susceptible to react negatively to mold in their environments.

What you can do

If your HVAC system has developed a mold problem, you can contact the HVAC contractors at Sears Heating and Cooling.

Our friendly professionals will inspect your system for mold issues and treat any mold issues that are found.

Once any mold issues have been addressed, it is important to continue regular HVAC maintenance with HVAC contractors to ensure that your system remains mold-free.

Having your HVAC system regularly maintained will also ensure that your system runs more efficiently, which will save you money in the long run.

Mold is not something that can be ignored, as your family’s health is at stake.

You can call Sears Heating and cooling today to make an appointment with one of our friendly professionals.

We can quickly assess your system and advise you concerning any mold issues that may be compromising your heating and cooling system.

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