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7 Tips for Furnace Safety

It is that time of year when the air conditioner is shut off and the furnace is cranked up.

During the off-season, your furnace sits unused and can actually be a hazard just waiting to start causing trouble.

To help keep you safe and warm this winter, here are some simple furnace safety tips.

7 Great Tips for Furnace Safety

  1. Change your filter on a regular basis. A furnace that has had its filter changed regularly will have an extended life. This is due in part to the fact that the unit does not have to work twice as hard to push air through a clogged filter.
  2. Have the unit checked out by a furnace professional. There are problems that can develop that are invisible to the eye. A furnace professional can find these trouble spots and repair them before they become unsafe.
  3. Try not to store items around your furnace. A furnace needs room to breathe. It must be able to circulate the air around it in order to work properly.
  4. Keep the area clear of combustible materials. If something catches on fire, it will not take long for it to spread to the other areas of the home.
  5. Use carbon monoxide detectors throughout your home. Carbon monoxide is a deadly gas that can flow from your furnace if it is not working properly. A detector can let you know early enough before the gas can harm you or your family.
  6. Have your air ducts cleaned on a regular basis. Clean air ducts allow the air to flow freely through the home. Your furnace will not have to work as hard to warm up the house.
  7. Inspect the pilot light of the furnace. If the pilot light of your furnace is not a cool blue, then there is a good chance that it is producing deadly carbon monoxide.

There is no substitute for a properly functioning furnace.

Proper maintenance goes a long way toward keeping you and your family safe.

If you ever have any concerns about how your furnace is functioning, contact Sears Heating and Cooling to inspect your  unit to make sure it is working properly.

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