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Indoor Air Quality For Columbus, Ohio

Indoor Air Quality Is Vital To Your Home's Comfort

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There are over 30 million asthma sufferers in the United States. Indoor air is 10-100 times more polluted than outdoor air. The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) ranks indoor air pollution as one of the top 5 health concerns. Improving your indoor air quality has many health benefits, especially if you are allergy-prone or have asthma. In addition, people who are exposed to indoor air pollutants for longer periods of time are often more susceptible to the effects of indoor air pollution. These groups include young children, the elderly and those that are chronically ill.

Since we can not control the number of pollutants and allergens we breathe while outside our homes, it’s a good idea to strategize how to improve the air you breathe while at home. Indoor air pollutants are created by everyday activities like cooking, bringing almost any object into the house, visiting a sick friend, taking a shower and running the furnace. Therefore, additional efforts need to be made in order to provide the clean air that will promote healthy living. Our indoor air products can help keep your family safe and healthy.

How Can I Improve My Indoor Air Quality?

  • HEPA Filters: A HEPA filter for your furnace or air purifier will help to remove many small particles like dust, dust mite allergens, anthrax spores, mold spores, pet dander and even some harmful gases and airborne asbestos from the air in your house.
  • Carbon Filters: Many air purifiers rely on carbon filters to eliminate smoke, fumes, and odors from your house. Air is forced through a layer of activated granular charcoal which absorbs the odors and allows clean fresh air to pass through.
  • UV Germicidal Light: This ultraviolet light feature of many air purifiers neutralizes and eliminates many bacteria, mold spores, protozoa, yeasts and even some viruses.
  • Air Purifiers: This naturally occurring unstable gas quickly oxidizes with the pollutants in the air moving through the air purifier and completely neutralizes them. Many air purifiers use this chemical reaction to effectively eliminate bacteria, fungus and odors from the air.-Ionize: Air purifiers with ionizers create negatively charged ions which attract small airborne particles such as viruses, pollen, bacteria, smoke, dust, animal dander as well as other allergens. Once this occurs the particles cling to a metal collector or the particles to fall out of the air.
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