Bryant 189BNV Air Conditioner

The Evolution of Comfort

Bryant is at the forefront of a comfort revolution with its exclusive Evolution System. Starting with the sleek, sophisticated Evolution Connex Control, this system puts more power and ease-of-use at your fingertips than any other comfort control. Full, seven-day programmability allows precise temperature and humidity control that matches your living schedule.

Intelligent electronics keeps track of system operation and identifies the very best combination of comfort and energy saving operation. Accessory and system monitors provide text-based messages on the large LED screen letting you know when it’s time for a filter change, routing maintenance and more. And, optional remote connectivity lets you monitor, change and control the system anywhere you have Internet access. Simple, intuitive and powerful, the Evolution System, and Bryant 189BNV, truly sets a new standard for excellence in home comfort.

Enjoy the Comfort of Trusted Reliability

Relaxing in the comfort of your home is easy with the Bryant 189BNV because this is one durable and reliable air conditioner. Durability is built-in with our DuraGuard protection package that looks good for years while protecting the outdoor coil from sports and lawn equipment and more. Inside, corrosion resistant components and compressor protection features help ensure this air conditioner delivers comfort when you need it.

In addition, the Bryant 189BNV provides the peace of mind that comes with choosing a system developed by a company known for its commitment to customer satisfaction. From initial design through product testing and an assembly process that includes our 5-step, 100% run test, we go beyond the industry’s expectations for quality and reliability to be sure that every unit we make measures up to even tougher standards – yours.

Puron Refrigerant

Bryant’s environmentally sound refrigerant keeps you cool without depleting the Earth’s ozone layer

Environmentally Sound, Extra-Efficient

Our scroll compressor is designed for use with Puron refrigerant to provide quiet, smooth operating comfort and years of environmentally sound, trouble-free performance.

Reliable Performance

Bryant’s Microtube Technology refrigeration system with copper tube/aluminum fin coil maximizes transfer of heat outside your home to ensure cooling efficiency. Coil materials and design minimize chances for rust and corrosion for lasting performance.

Quiet Operation

AeroQuiet System II optimizes airflow and incorporates sound-absorbing materials for minimal vibration and reduced sound. The three keys to this system include: AeroQuiet top, integrated fan motor and fan blade, and sound hood.

Lasting Comfort

High-pressure switch and the filter drier protect the unit’s most important single component: the compressor.

Built to Last

Bryant’s DuraGuard protection package ensures lasting durability and good looks through years of exposure to weather, sports and lawn equipment and more. Three key elements to this package include: galvanized steel cabinet, baked-on powder paint and steel louvered coil guard.

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Bryant 189BNV Air Conditioner
Bryant 186B air conditioner

Benefits At-A-Glance


Cooling Efficiency:

  • Energy Efficiency Up to 19 SEER/13 EER
    ENERGY STAR Meets ENERGY STAR guidelines for high efficiency in all models/sizes

Comfort Management:

De-humidification Better humidity management from 2-stage units when managed by Evolution Connex control

Sound Level:

  • Quiet levels operation down to 56 decibels


  • Remote access Manage your system from afar with remote access when paired with a Wi-Fi enabled Connex control
  • Reminders Automatic maintenance reminders and service alerts with the Housewise thermostat


  • Compressor 5-state rotary with 25-100% capacity range
  • Refrigerant Puron refrigerant
  • Sound enhancements Compressor sound blanket; PSC fan motor
  • Protections High and low pressure switches; filter drier
  • Controls supported Evolution Connex control
  • Capacity 2-4 tons


  • Design DuraGuard Plus protection: heavy-gauge sheet metal construction; louvered steel coil guard; baked-on powder paint

*Bryant reserves the right to discontinue or change any specification or design without prior notice or obligation.