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December 2020

My Gas Fireplace Won’t Ignite

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Gas Fireplace Won't Light A gas fireplace that won't ignite is a common problem among fireplace owners. Let's check out some common causes and options to repair your gas fireplace. Tripped Breakers A good place to start would be to check the circuit breaker panel and ensure the breaker for your gas fireplace has not tripped. When the electrical wiring in your home becomes overstressed with excess electrical current, the breaker will trip to prevent overheating. Gas Valve Issues Be sure the gas valve to your gas fireplace is set in the "open" position and that your gas is turned on as well. This part is usually located in the firebox. Some older models of gas fireplaces have a key in the wall or floor as well to control the gas valve. If your gas valve and gas are both turned on, you may have a gas flow problem or the valve itself may need to be replaced. Pilot Light is Out This small light is responsible for igniting the gas that is being sent to your gas fireplace. It is a common issue for a pilot light to go out due to a strong windstorm. If your pilot light is not staying lit, it's a good idea to check the orifice as it can become clogged with dirt and soot causing it to go out. If this happens, you will need to purge the air from the pilot tubing with compressed air. Thermopile or Thermocouple Issue If your thermocouple...
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