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May 2019

R22 vs. R410a Refrigerant: What’s The Difference?

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What's The Difference Between R-22 and R-410a? With R-22 due to be completely unavailable by 2020, R410a is taking over as the new refrigerant of choice. The Beginning of Change The change over of refrigerant from R22 to R410 actually started way back in 1992. Due to some environmental regulations that were put in place, many different countries decided to phase out the use of R-22 and replace it with R410a. R410a is more efficient and environmentally friendly than R-22.  Differences Between R-22 and R410a R-22 Erodes ozone layer of the earth. As of 2010, new air conditioners are not allowed to use R-22. Becoming extremely expensive as it is being phased out. Less efficient at absorbing heat making it less energy efficient. R-410a Used in new air conditioners as of 2010. Much cheaper to obtain than R-22. Better for the environment. Much more efficient at cooling making it more energy efficient. Requires the use of more durable air conditioner parts to work, which means less breakdowns. What This Means To You While R-22 is being phased out, it is still available for purchase in 2019. It is more expensive to obtain however. Don't be shocked to pay $400 or more for a simple R-22 repair in your air conditioner if it needs one. If your air conditioner is older than 10 years and is low on R-22 or needs an R-22 related repair, your best option is to schedule an estimate for a new air conditioner. If you are...
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